What is HTTP and HTTPS

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http vs https in Hindi: we know you Google But have come looking for this What is HTTP? (http in hindi) And What is HTTPS? (https in hindi) and how it works Apart from this we will tell you in this post What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? gonna tell.

So let’s start from the beginning Http full form And https full form Know about it in detail.

Actually, whenever we browse a website under any browser, we see http:// or https:// at the beginning of the URL of that website. Because both of these are internet protocols. we know you Internet If you use Hyper Text Transfer Protocol You should know about it completely in detail.

HTTP क्या है (http full Form In Hindi)

HTTP full name (full form) hypertext transfer protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) It happens.

HTTP is used to access any web page and access text, image, video, audio and any other content of that page. file is used to transfer.

http एक network protocol which is Web Browser exchanges information between servers and Word Wide Web Only HTTP is used.

The http protocol ensures that the website being transferred Data In what format. It is capable of transferring data to the server with different commands.

To open web pages, today we do not have to write http in any browser because it uses http by default. When we enter any URL, Automatic itself starts appearing on HTTP.

The HTTP protocol is widely used for all new websites. This protocol is not secure for any website. In this, the data going from the browser to the server can be stolen. http is not secure for any online money transfer.

then you must have come to know that What is HTTP and what is HTTP Full Form. so let’s know What is HTTPS? And what is https Full Form.

How does HTTP work?

HTTP is used when we enter a URL in our web browser to access a particular file or web page. So the HTTP protocol receives the information from the server and displays that request on the web page. For this, you have to write http before the address of the page.

like : –

HTTPS क्या है (https Full Form In Hindi)

Full name of HTTPS (full form) Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) It happens.

HTTPS is an advanced version of HTTP. It is very secure with http. Nowadays many websites use this protocol. any website to use https SSL Certificate is required to be attached.

The HTTPS protocol encrypts using an advanced SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, which Server Acts as a secure layer between the browser and creates an encrypted connection, so that no information is stolen while transferring between the server and the browser.

It is absolutely safe to do any online money transfer. This is a digital certificate for websites that use HTTPS. The main companies that give this certificate are such as Let’s Encrypt, cloudflare.

Cloudflare SSL is great for installing Free SSL for any website and it also gives you a free CDN.

How does HTTPS work?

The https protocol forms a security layer between the browser and the server so that no hacker can read the data you browse. It transfers the data while it is encrypted, so it is very secure.

Suppose you are buying any item online from any shopping site, then you must make online payment to buy that item. If there was no SSL on that site, then the hacker would steal your payment details. For this reason, SSL certificate is installed on most of the websites so that no one can hack that website.

HTTP और HTTPS में क्या अंतर (difference between http and https In Hindi)

inventor According to Wikipedia, HTTP was discovered in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN. Netscape Communications created HTTPS for its own Netscape Navigator web browser in 1994.
Protocol HTTP uses a TCP / IP protocol. HTTPS also uses the same protocol as HTTP but using an encrypted TLS/SSL connection.
URL The URL associated with HTTP begins with http:// . The URL associated with HTTPS is https://.
Security The security of HTTP is very less, due to which hackers can easily steal its data. HTTPS uses a security layer so it is a secure protocol.
SSL Certificate No SSL certificate is required to install http. The website needs an SSL certificate to install https.
Speed The speed of http is much better than https. The speed of https is slow because it prepares additional security layer. But by this you also website speed can increase.
Trust It is not trust worthy. You can trust https with confidence.
AMP Amp is not used with http. To use Accelerated mobile pages ie amp, you have to install HTTPS SSL.
Hacking There is scope for hacking in HTTP. The possibility of hacking in HTTPS is negligible.
Port Uses HTTP port 80. HTTPS uses port 443.
Ranking Factor HTTP does not improve your website’s Google ranking. If ranking website on google If so, you must use HTTPS.
Data Transfer Whenever HTTP transfers data, it does not encrypt the data. Due to which the chance of hacking increases. Whenever HTTPS encrypts data even before data transfer.
Use This seems to be a new website which is under development. Most websites, blogs, use HTTPS so that the trust of the user remains.
Lock The browser shows a RED lock on a site that uses HTTP. The browser shows GREEN Lock on websites using HTTPS.
Paid It is added to the website’s URL by default, so it does not have to be purchased. Installing HTTPS on any website requires purchase.
What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Last Words – What is HTTP and HTTPS in Hindi

HTTPS is the proof of the security of the website searched in your web browser, so use a website that is using HTTPS.

we posted this What is HTTP & HTTPS, what is their full form and what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? has been explained in detail.

If you have any question related to this post, then definitely ask us in the comment box.

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