What are these white dots in the sky?

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The picture above looks like a normal picture of the night sky but in reality it is not so ordinary. The white dots in the picture are large active black holes.

And all these black holes are swallowing up the material in the middle of the universe at a distance of millions of light years, in this way they could be identified.

With a total of 25,000 points, this is an achievement of astronomers who have taken years to achieve.

Astronomers at the University of Hamburg, Germany, say this is the result of years of working on extremely difficult data.

He said that experts had to devise new methods for translating radio signals into images of the sky.

When these black holes were not active, they did not emit clear rays, which made them difficult to diagnose.

When a black hole is activated and absorbs the gases and dust and particles that revolve around it, the intense forces involved in the process produce rays, which are at multiple wavelengths. They can be observed despite the vastness of the universe.

What makes the image above special is its coverage of ultra-low radio wavelengths observed in Europe by the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR).

This interferonometric network consists of 20,000 radio antennas installed in 52 locations across Europe.

LOFAR is currently the only radio telescope network to offer detailed and high resolution images of the sky at frequencies below 100 MHz.

The data released is the first of its kind to create a complete picture of the northern sky on an ultra-low frequency.

It covers 4% of the northern sky.

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