How to get Custom room card for free in Free Fire?

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Free Custom room card in Garena Free fire : The mobile platform is one of the most popular games on Free Fire today. Of all the battle royale games that have come so far, people have liked Free Fire the most. Due to this increasing popularity, the items found in it are very expensive. Which not everyone can buy.
As we all know that Free Fire is an online multiplayer game. Garena Free Fire gives players a platform to fight against each other. Garena Free fire is one of the leading options in the online gaming community. After the ban of PUBG in India, Free Fire has managed to make its place in the online gaming community. It offers a more powerful set of capabilities along with additional customization.

As we all know about custom room card in free fire, you have to spend 100 diamonds to buy custom room card. But today we will tell you a way by which you can get this custom card absolutely free.

Get custom room card for Free

The first way to get custom room cards in Free Fire is by buying them with 100 diamonds in Free Fire, and the second is by getting them in weekly rewards. If you want to get this free fire custom room card without spending any money on diamonds, you can get them for free. There’s only one way to do that and that’s to join the Guild.

Yes, any player with Guild can get free custom room cards from free fire. See Guild is a group of only one players. Its central idea is to make it easier for millions of people to locate other players who want to have some fun playing the game together. You can also create your own Guild and add your friends to it.
Or you’ll need to find a strong guild that can get you custom room cards every week. See, receiving rewards in Guild depends on the gameplay of your guild members. So you are advised to choose a strong guild only.

How to claim custom room card in Guild? (custom room card for Free)

To get a free custom room card in Guild, simply Guild > Tournament Section Go in and click on Claim. Each guild holds a tournament once a week. You also participate in the tournament to win Guild Points. You’ll earn Guild Scores after each weekly tournament, which you can use to claim one of four different prizes. It should be noted that the room card is the last reward in the list, so you will need to collect the maximum number of guild points to earn the rewards.

Final words (custom room card for Free)

Hope that through the given information you will be able to get free fire room card for free. If you are already associated with any guild, then definitely tell us the name of your guild by commenting. And also do share this information with your friends.

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