Yesterday, 9 people without coronavirus passports were not allowed to the party

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Yesterday, 9 people were not allowed to the party because they did not have a coronavirus passport.

The Interior Ministry told Report.

On January 3, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Food Safety Agency and the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy monitored 108 wedding festivities in Baku and the country.

The monitoring covered the festivities held in 100 wedding palaces and 8 private yards.

As a result of monitoring, for violating the rules of the special quarantine regime in the conduct of wedding celebrations:

– 1 person was fined according to Article 211 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (violation of anti-epidemic regime, sanitary-hygienic and quarantine regimes);
– 9 people were not allowed to the party due to lack of COVID-19 passports.

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