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FNAF Security Breach Mods January 2022

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FNAF Security Breach Mods: Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is an eerie game with a considerable following, and it’s worth saying that yes, you will encounter mods.

As with the game, mods can be bizarre, bizarre, or even scary. Let’s look at some of the most popular security breach mods from FNAF on this page.

FNAF Security Breach Mods

Several modifications can replace the frightening animated characters with characters from other sources or an altered version of the already in use.

What you can expect to see in these:

Smol Freddy Freddy

“The name is clear. Freddy is still in the game but has tiny heads.

Is this a way to increase the creep factor for you or provide laughter? Then, do you try the FNAF security Breach Mod and find out!

Fat Vanessa

Another mod that alters the character’s existing one is dubbed “Fat Vanessa.”

Install and download this mod if you’d like to include it in your game; however, note that it doesn’t have Vanny.

Freddy and Sans Head Freddy with Sans Head Glamrock Sans Mod

Glamrock Sans can be the style you’ll need to, in some way lookup Freddy with a Sans-like head.

For those who don’t know, Sans is a character from Undertale. The skeleton’s name is based on Comic Sans. Comic Sans font.

He is also featured in Deltarune.

Clean Animatronics

Are you unhappy with how animatronics appear when in their destroyed state?

This mod makes sure that they look nice and clean yet evil. It works with Freddy, Monty, Chica, and Roxy.

If you’re looking to have a good time, Don’t forget to look into this mod where the animatronics are friendly and won’t attempt to harm you:

In addition, Here’s a scary Winnie The Pooh/Freddy and Kermit the Frog FNAF Security Breach Mod:

This is all there is to mods to this game.

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