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Jessica Esmeralda Rangel Acosta and José Martín Enríquez Rodríguez devised a device tracker that allows the carriers to charge it concealed and can activate it by pressing a button if they feel in danger.

“Unique in its kind, with this technological tool, the user’s movement for five hours can be displayed on a map using a device tracker and a PWA (Progressive Web App) application, which can be accessed from any device with an internet connection ”, explains the statement from the National Polytechnic Institute.

The device sends the user’s location every five seconds and trusted contacts can follow the woman’s path. The alert remains active until the device’s battery tracker it ends or when the user herself deactivates it by entering a PIN in the application, or when one of the trusted contacts reports that the person is safe.

The students who created the tracker They said that at the moment it is focused on women from the State of Mexico, between 17 and 51 years old.

For the use of tracker, users must install the Eyes On application on a cell phone, write down their name, surname and email; particular signs such as skin and hair color, height, and particular characteristics such as tattoos or scars.

Likewise, they must enter the serial number of the device into the app tracker and register a four-digit PIN to disable your device alerts; with this, the system links the tracker device with the user’s account.

With the advice of Dr. Cyntia Eugenia Enríquez Ortiz and the Master of Science, Carlos Hernández Nava, the now graduates of the Interdisciplinary Professional Unit in Engineering and Advanced Technologies of the IPN are preparing a smaller version of the tracker.


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