Excise department seized 2450 liters of liquor in 663 cases

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Publish Date: | Tue, 04 Jan 2022 11:06 AM (IST)

Raigarh. On receiving frequent complaints of illegal liquor sale in Dharamjaygarh area, Assistant Commissioner Excise directed his departmental staff to take action. When the excise team went there and took action, a search of Sumitra Sarathi’s house found 21 liters of illegal Mahua liquor. The accused used to sell liquor by filling it in 2 liter bottles. During the proceedings on the information of illegal sale of liquor by the residents of Lendra village near Kosir in Sarangarh area, Surit Satnami of Lendra was found keeping liquor in a jarkin to sell. Similarly, Surdas Manikpuri of Salar outpost Kanakbira was also caught with 2 liters of liquor. Challan has been presented against the said accused in the Sarangad court. In the financial year 2021-22, the Excise Department has registered 663 cases of illegal liquor so far, arresting the accused and taking court proceedings. In these cases, a total of 2450 liters of liquor and 14,960 kg of liquor making material have been confiscated, as well as 12 vehicles transporting illegal liquor have also been confiscated.

Posted By: Yogeshwar Sharma

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