[50+] Hindi Success Quotes (JAN 2022)

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Hindi Success Quotes

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Some people separate when circumstances are unfavorable.
And some people break records..!!

Just standing there looking at the water, you
I can’t cross the river..!!

Success depends on preparation done in advance,
And without this preparation, failure is certain .. !!

Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success,
If you love what you are doing..
Then you will surely succeed..!!

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Education is the most powerful weapon
What can change the world..!!
Best Hindi Success Quotes

Man is a creature created by his thoughts,
What he thinks, he becomes..!!

no matter how slow you go
What matters is how long you don’t stop .. !!

Better to listen to the praise of fools,
It is necessary to hear the rebuke of the wise .. !!

The greatness is not in never falling,
On the contrary, it’s always getting up..!!

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Fate is still far from my feet,
But the comfort is that the steps stay with me .. !!

Success in Life Quotes in Hindi

Best Hindi Success Quotes

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The weak stop when they are tired,
And winners stop when they win..!!

Losing is not the worst failure,
The biggest failure is not trying..!!

Success will not come to you
Instead, you have to go there alone..!!

Get up every time you fall,
And trying again is the real victory..!!

To be successful, you need to go it alone.
People only come back when you start having success..!!

Spend a lot of time on your own progress,
That there is no time to harm another person .. !!

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Only cowards use the word impossible.
Brave and wise men make their own way..!!

stop waiting,
Because the right time never comes..!!

To give an example,
You have to do it your own way..!!

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One must have a positive attitude towards any job.
Because negative thinking is the reason for our failure..!!

Hindi Success Quotes for Students

Success in Life Quotes in Hindi

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successful lamp,
It just burns with a lot of work .. !!

No matter how many problems there are in life, never be discouraged,
Because no matter how strong the sun, the sea never runs dry !!

A person who is defeated on the field can still win,
But a person who is defeated by the mind can never win..!!

You can’t change your future, but you can change your habits
And for sure your habits will change your future .. !!

After a dream falls apart,
The courage to have another dream is called life .. !!
Student Success Quotes in Hindi

Dreams are not what you see in your sleep,
Dreams are those that don’t let you sleep ..!!

The optimist sees opportunity in every objection,
And pessimistic apologies..!!

The truth is that the light, if you put it on top of a mountain, the light will definitely dim.
But it is visible even from afar..!!

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if you wanna shine like the sun
So first burn like the sun..!!

Before dreams come true
You have to dream..!!

Attitude Success Quotes in Hindi

success quotes hindi

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The real fun of winning is then
When everyone is waiting for you to lose..!!

Don’t wait for any specific moment to succeed,
Instead, make your time special..!!

clay pot and family price,
Only the creator knows, not the destroyer..!!

As you rise high in life, treat people well,
Because if you go down again then you’ll have to face these people..!!

Success introduces us to the world,
And failure presents us to the world .. !!

If you’re afraid of losing,
So never wish to win..!!
Hindi Success Quotes

The main foundation of success is positive thinking and continuous efforts..!!

Those who believe in the merit of their steps,
The same people usually arrive at the destination..!!

Where our selfishness ends,
That’s where our humanity begins..!!

The fight makes the man strong,
No matter how weak he is..!!

success status

Hindi Success Quotes

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work hard so silently,
Let this success make noise .. !!

Always try to the last breath,
Either the goal will be achieved or the experience .. !!

Those who wait get just that,
Whoever tries gives up .. !!
Best success status in Hindi

Those who don’t do different things,
They just do things differently..!!

you can’t miss until
Until you stop trying..!!

Best success status in Hindi

It’s very easy to hit someone
But it is very difficult to win someone..!!

until something is done,
Until then it seems impossible..!!

There’s no harm in flying, you fly too,
But only from where the terrain is clearly visible..!!

If you don’t reach the destination, change the path.
Because trees change their leaves, not their roots..!!

I like to lose to these people,
Who first won because of my defeat..!!

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