The Chinese flag in Galwan Valley, which the opposition had described as an infiltration, was hoisted on its land itself: Government official

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It has been learned from sources that the video posted by the official Twitter handle of Chinese state media (in which a Chinese flag is seen flying in the Galvan Valley) does not violate the civil territory between the two countries. A government official said that the area where China raised and unfurled the flag in the Galvan Valley has always been under its control and there is no new dispute regarding this area.

Highly placed sources told that the video was shot well inside Chinese territory. A source in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeiTY) said that it is clear that the video was shot in the Chinese region of the Valley. Hence, no retribution was required against it. Let us inform that the video was tweeted by Chinese media handle on January 1, but there was no official statement from China on this.

When this video from China surfaced on social media, after that the opposition became an attacker on the Modi government. Along with former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, other leaders of the opposition also took the government on target. Rahul Gandhi, while targeting the government, wrote that our tricolor looks good on Galvan. China will have to answer. Modi ji, break the silence.

Sources said that there is no dispute on the social media from the Chinese side over the area in the Galvan Valley where a video of the Chinese flag was hoisted. That area has been under Chinese control since the beginning. The official said that in other words, China has raised the flag in its own area. He did not hoist the flag in the area of ​​​​Galwan river where the India-China border dispute is going on.

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According to the report, the place where the Chinese flag was hoisted is about 1.2 km from PP Point (Petrol Point) 14. There was a violent clash in June 2020 between the soldiers of India and China on PP 14 itself. India claims about this area that China is constantly moving forward and crossing its limits. This dispute has been going on for a long time between the two countries. This area has been under Chinese control for a long time.

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