Email Kaise Bhejte Hai? Learn how to send email from mobile/computer.

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Nowadays email is used for all important work, most of it is used to send online documents. If you apply for any job, then you are definitely asked for your email ID, or if you want to send any important details to anyone, then you can do it through email, but even today many people do not know that Email Kaise Karte Hain So today I will tell you step by step the process of sending email in this post in which you will understand very well that Email Kaise Bhejte Hai.

Through Email ID, you can also send any important Notes, Documents, Photos etc. that too in less time, it does not take much time and you can send information to any person through email.

To send email, you must have an email account, Mail Kaise Kare is the work done after creating an email account. But if your email account has not been created, then you can take the help of this article Email ID Kaise Banaye.

If you were looking for such an article, where you are told about this Email Kaise Bheja Jata Hai, then today in this post you will get complete information about Email Kaise Kiya Jata Hai.

list of subjects

Email Kaise Karte Hain

Email can be sent in 2 ways, first way is through computer and second way is through mobile. We will tell you about both the methods Mobile Se Email Kaise Karte Hai and Computer Se Email Kaise Bhejte Hain. So let’s know about these two methods:

Email Kaise Bhejte Hain (from computer)

1. Login to your Gmail:

To send email, you must first log in to your Gmail account on the Gmail.Com website. In this, you have to login by entering your email or Gmail ID and Password.

2. Click on Compose:

After logging in, you will see the option of Compose in the left side, click on it.

3. Enter Email ID:

As soon as you click on compose, you will see a box, in which you will see some options, such as:

  • To: In this option, you have to enter the email id of the person to whom you want to send the email.

  • Subject: Now you have to write the subject of your email in the subject option that what is your email for.

  • Center Box: Below Subject you will see a big box, click on it. In this, write whatever message you want to send. If you want to send a file, document or photo, then you will see some options on the side of Send option, by clicking on it you can send any file from your computer via email.

4. Click on Send: After writing the message or after attaching a file or photo, if you want to send the email, then you will see the option of Send at the bottom of the message, click on it, your message will be sent.

Email Kaise Bhejte Hain (from mobile)

1. First of all open the Gmail App on your mobile and sign in with your Email and Password.

2. As soon as you login to the app, you will see a Pencil Icon at the bottom of the home, click on it.

3. In the next step, you will see some options to send the email, which means what you want to write or say in the email. Follow these steps for how to compose an email:

  • From: In this you do not need to enter Email ID, your Mail ID is already written there.
  • To: In this option, you have to enter the email address of the mail you want to send. (Know the meaning of To, CC and Bcc in Email)
  • Subject: Here you write the line related to the email, so that the email recipient can know what the mail is about.
  • Compose: In Compose, you have to write complete information related to your mail.

4. Now if you want to know how to send photo by email, then click on Pin Icon above, then click on Attach File and add any photo.

5. Once you have checked all your details properly and then click on Send option, your email will be sent.

how to view email

If you want to know whether the email sent by you has been sent or not or has reached the person in front. So for this click on the option of Menu, then you will see the option of Sent, click on it.

In this you will see the list of emails sent by you, this will let you know whether your email has been sent or not, if you have entered the wrong mail address then you will see Address Not Found.

To see in the computer, you will see the option of Sent Mail under the option of Compose, by clicking on it you can check the mail and see the email sent by you. If a mail comes to your Gmail, then you can see it by going to the Inbox option under Compose.


So now you must have understood that Mail Kaise Karte Hai? With the steps mentioned above, you can also send email very easily. Hope that the information given in this post will be useful for you, if yes, then definitely tell us your answer by commenting. If you have any questions related to this post, which you want to ask, then definitely tell us, we will definitely help you.

Share the information about Gmail Kaise Karte Hain with other people too, so that they can also help. Thank you for reading the article.

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