Published a new Tax Code. What’s in it

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December 4 on the National Legal Internet Portal officially published updated Tax Code of Belarus. Some of its provisions came into force on January 1, 2022.

Among the innovations:

  • New tax on professional income. It must be paid by individuals who do not have employers and do not hire other individuals. The Council of Ministers will have to establish a list of activities that will be covered by the possibility of paying this tax. Its payment will replace the personal income tax and the fee for carrying out craft activities, mandatory insurance contributions to the FSAN. Prior to the start of the activity, taxpayers need to install a special appendix and send a notification to the tax inspection about the application of this tax. If the revenue for the year did not exceed 60,000 rubles, you must pay 10% of income, and if it exceeded – 20% of the amount exceeded. You will have to pay the tax monthly.
  • In-house verification of compliance of expenses with income and increased income tax for those who “live beyond their means”: if a person’s expenses exceed his income by 500 basic units (now the basic amount is 32 rubles), he is required to explain the sources of income. If you could not explain the origin of the money, you will have to pay a higher income tax (not the usual 13%, but 20%).

The same rate will be applied if the controlling body establishes the fact of wrongful withholding and non-transfer to the budget of income tax from individuals by a tax agent. The third case of applying the rate of 20% – if the gambling business has registered in SKKS (special computer cash register system) income from winnings for an individual who did not receive the actual payment.

  • The rates of the single tax are increasing and the spheres of activity are greatly reduced. For example, tutors in Minsk will pay 82 rubles of the single tax per month, nannies – 61 rubles, photographers – 245 rubles, couriers – 136.
  • And here simplified taxation system will apply only to organizations and sole proprietors who do not calculate VAT. Notaries who perform notarial activities in the notary office, lawyers are deprived of the right to apply the simplified taxation system. Also deprived of the right to apply the simplified system of individual entrepreneurs who provide services other than tourism, health care activities; land transport activities; catering services; activities in the field of computer programming.

Organizations will have the right to switch to the MTP, if their staff does not exceed 50 people (previously 100), gross revenue for 9 months does not exceed 1,612,500 rubles. The basic tax rate under the simplified taxation system will be 6 percent.

  • Tax for gardeners and mushroom pickers. The code obliges individuals to receive income tax for individuals who receive income from the sale of berries, mushrooms, nuts and other wild products, their collection and delivery to organizations, if they receive income from this activity in excess of 200 basic units per year. (6.4 thousand rubles). You will have to pay 10% of the excess amount.
  • The exemption from real estate tax for apartments in apartment buildings is abolished. The tax is calculated based on the estimated cost per square meter, which is set in the Tax Code. The tax rate for individuals is set at 0, 1%. The tax exemption for the first apartment is maintained only for persons of retirement age, the disabled, minors, incapacitated persons, servicemen, participants of the Second World War and their equals, as well as those who are undergoing alternative service.
  • Increased some amounts of non-taxable income:

– The amount of income received as a result of the donation, which are not subject to income tax, in the new code increased from 7521 rubles to 8078 rubles. From the amount of the excess you have to pay tax at the rate of 13%, as well as file a tax return for the year.

– The amount of income from the main employer, which is not wages (vouchers, prizes, gifts and so on), non-taxable, increased from 2272 to 2440 rubles for each job.

– income from other organizations that are not paid (prizes, gifts, etc.), and are not taxed – increased to 161 rubles from each source during the year (previously – 150 rubles).

gratuitous (sponsorship) assistance, as well as donations received by disabled people, orphans and children left without parental care will not be taxed on the charity account in the bank for amounts up to 16,142 rubles (previously – 1,530 rubles).

  • Increased rates of excise and single tax. Thus, the rate of the single tax for renting accommodation by individuals will be 36.8 rubles (+4 rubles) in Minsk per room, in regional cents – 34.5 rubles. The Code stipulates that the single tax of individual entrepreneurs and other individuals expires on January 1, 2023, as well as the fee for carrying out activities in the field of agri-tourism.
  • Fixed dog tax rates. If earlier they were tied to the base values, now the tax is set at 46.5 rubles for a potentially dangerous breed and 9.3 rubles for other breeds.


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