Ghazipur – and everyone’s mouth hangs

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Ghazipur – Anganwadi workers and assistants, who have eaten sticks of police several times in Lucknow for demanding increase in honorarium for years, were very excited to get information about the announcement of honorarium increase of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji on January 3, 2022. On the instructions of the directorate, the CDPOs posted on various projects arranged for TV screens and called Anganwadi workers and helpers to narrate the virtual address/meeting of Yogi ji. Anganwadi workers and assistants excited to hear the announcement of honorarium increase At 10 o’clock in the morning, the child development projects located in Sadar Tehsil, Saidpur, Muhammadabad, Zamaniyan and Jakhaniya were scolded. They felt that the government of Uttar Pradesh should pay an honorarium of 5500 / hundred per month to the Anganwadi workers, at least 10 thousand will be taxed. But when the Anganwadi workers heard about the increase in honorarium of only Rs 500, the faces of all the Anganwadi workers and helpers who came with enthusiasm were hanged. After the end of the program, the Anganwadi workers expressed their displeasure while talking among themselves. In this context, an Anganwadi worker told on the condition of anonymity that even if the government increased it by only Rs 500, did the government beg us. Another Anganwadi worker said that the work of the health department, the work of the election department, the work of the malaria department, the work of the city panchayat and municipality, we should do the census, child census, animal count and increase only five hundred rupees.

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