How an 8-year-old boy won Rs 196 crore, find out here

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You must have heard many times that making money is not a child’s game. But 7-year-old Ryan proved this fact true.

Ryan Cazey, an eight-year-old American boy, became the highest-paid personality on YouTube in 2019.

According to Agence France-Presse, Forbes magazine published, on Wednesday, the list of the most profitable channels on YouTube in 2019, with the children’s channel Ryan Kaze taking the lead.

Who is Ryan?

Ryan became famous for his channel “Ryan ToysReview”. Ryan’s review hundreds of thousands of games.

These include cars, public toys, action figures, etc. He reviews games at home. Their parents upload their videos.

How much did Ryan make?

How much does ryan earn from youtube?

According to Forbes, Ryan Kaji’s real name is Ryan Guan. Ryan was also the number one earner on the YouTube channel in 2018.

Ryan earned $26 million in 2019 from this platform. 196 crores got more than

Ryan’s YouTube channel name is “Ryan’s World”. The channel was created by Ryan’s parents in 2015 when Ryan was just three years old.

At the time, the channel was posting videos of Ryan taking toys out of boxes and playing with them.

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How many subscribers are there?

How many subscribers are there?  Ryan's worldHow many subscribers are there?  Ryan's world

As Ryan got older, his YouTube channel also grew. His channel now has over 3 crore subscribers.

Some videos on Ryan’s YouTube channel have been viewed over a billion times, and the channel has racked up nearly 40 billion views since its inception.

Ryan is now making educational videos for kids on his YouTube channel and trying to teach new things to kids.

In a recent interview, this little millionaire said, “I’m an artist and funny too, and I never thought about that. I want to earn money। “

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why are you successful

According to Forbes, Ryan is known for dumping/reviewing his games. They do it with zeal, zeal and joy, which pleases the beholder. Besides games, they also give reviews of some other products.

Prior to Ryan, “David Perfect” was the highest-earning YouTube channel, which ranked second that year.

This channel was created by some texas friends who showed them tricks which are very difficult. This channel earned more than $20 million (around Rs 151 crore) from YouTube in 2019.

In third place on this list is the five-year-old Russian girl Anastasia, who earned $18 million from her YouTube channels in the same year.

In the end I would say that brother, Earn money without investmentAnd Earn money playing So someone should learn from Ryan. And1)

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