Those features of Truecaller 12, which will come in handy for you, you will not know about them

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Tech News Desk- Truecaller 12 is the latest Android version of Truecaller. This version provides the best calling experience to the users. It has many features, which can be very useful for the users, but many users are aware of them. So in today’s news, we are going to give you detailed information about some selected features of Truecaller 12. Tell us Whether you are a journalist looking to record an interview or a human resources manager looking to record your call for training new recruits, this feature will be useful in every case. This will allow you to record the call in its original format. In addition, you will have the facility to record calls manually and automatically. Have you ever felt the need to call someone to get out of a difficult situation or to avoid a boring conversation? Truecaller’s ghost call feature is very useful in such cases. Truecaller’s ghost call feature enables users to take a break to stay away from real scammers or receive fake calls. Users can specify a name, number and profile picture or choose from their own contacts. Call setting is in your hands. You can choose any caller name and schedule the call.

With Truecaller, you can surprise your family and friends with a short selfie video the next time you call and make the call a more personalized experience. Truecaller’s new Video Caller ID helps you look your best every time. Users can create their own video caller ID on Truecaller and view their video ID when they call their contacts. Truecaller believes that we are not always available to answer calls. With this new feature, Truecaller lets users know who is calling when the phone rings while you are driving or crossing the street. Now you don’t need to pick up the phone to check if the call is from your mother, friend or scammer. It helps premium users to continue their work. This is one of the best features available for premium members of Truecaller.

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