We talked only with the Old Guard, the goal of changes in the management of Cetinje

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Stanic, Photo: TV Vijesti

The Social Democratic Party (SDP), which won eight seats in the local elections in Cetinje, has discussed forming a government in the capital with the LSCG Old Guard in the past ten days, said Mirko Stanic, head of the media team and SDP presidency member.

He said in the Colors of the Morning on TV Vijesti that the concept of the list “SDP and citizens – with all my heart for Cetinje” was a change in the management of Cetinje, which, as he said, was not good for citizens for 30 years, because it was too focused on issues on the everyday life of the people of Cetinje, ie on those who do not solve the issues of water supply, traffic infrastructure, employment, arranging parks …

“This concept requires a dominant role from the list of SDP and citizens,” Stanic pointed out, recalling that their electoral list included 17 members of the SDP and 16 hitherto politically uninvolved individuals.

“Therefore, we have a special obligation to show that this concept can be victorious and lead to significant improvement,” he said.

Stanic did not answer the question whether he will seek the position of mayor, but said that the priority is to make a discontinuity with the current way of governing, but also that there are no changes that would be “as bad as the changes from August 30” last year.

He pointed to the lack of jobs, saying they were planning “serious action”.

“We believe that with the help of the local business community, we can create several hundred more jobs,” he added, explaining that the plan is to attract investors who would open smaller teams of 20 to 30 employees.

Commenting on the current epidemiological situation caused by the coronavirus, Stanic said that it was proof of the Ministry of Health’s lack of seriousness in creating and adopting anti-epidemic measures.

“At the head of the Council for the fight against coronavirus sits a man who has not been vaccinated. The Minister of Health calls on citizens to be vaccinated, and her superior is the only prime minister in Europe who has not been vaccinated,” he pointed out.


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