The next day, the villagers created a ruckus outside the police station, the demand for suspending the policemen, the police line ready to appear. , Villagers create ruckus outside the police station, demand to suspend the policemen, ready to present the police line

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  • The Next Day, The Villagers Created A Ruckus Outside The Police Station, The Demand For Suspending The Policemen, The Police Line Ready To Appear.

Alwar3 minutes ago

Crowd outside the police station.

On Monday night, four policemen went to eat at Munna Saini’s dhaba in Pratapgarh, Alwar. When Munna asked for money, he took him to the police station. He was beaten up in the police station. Due to which his head has been injured. Who is admitted in Thanagaji CHC. The next day on Tuesday, a large number of villagers reached the police station and created a ruckus. The four policemen have been demanded to be suspended.

The incident happened at 10 pm
Villagers said that the incident happened around 10 pm. Mormukut Bihari, Jagmal, Rajkumar, Mustaq Ali, the policemen of Pratapgarh police station, came to eat food at the dhaba operated by the name Annadata. All four ate food. After eating, restaurant owner Munna Saini asked for money. To this the police personnel did not respond. On the contrary, Munna was brought to the police station. Where Munna has been accused of assault. That’s why Munna has got a head injury. After which he has also been admitted to the hospital.

Injury mark on the forehead of Dhaba operator Munna Saini.

Crowd on the spot, demand for suspension
A large number of people gathered at the police station in the morning. By 12 noon, higher police officers had arrived. SHO Urmila Meena tried to convince the policemen and villagers by talking to them. But the villagers remained adamant. He also put forth several other complaints to the policemen. During this, many people including Vyapar Mandal President Sandeep Sharma, Chhoturam Meena, PR Meena, Babulal Sharma were present.

ready to line up
Villagers told that the police have accepted their mistake. But as a punishment, all four have agreed to appear in the line. While the villagers are adamant on suspending the four. He says this is not a small incident. When the police act like miscreants, then who will the common man believe?

Yogananda: Pratapgarh.

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