How to repel mosquitoes to prevent dengue and malaria?

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While corona outbreaks are rampant across the country, dengue and malaria are also spreading rapidly.

In the rainy season, the chances of breeding mosquitoes also increase.

How to drive mosquitoes out of the house in such a situation? Today we will tell you some of his household tips.

Here’s how to use some herbs and home remedies to protect yourself from mosquitoes inside and outside the home.

Use of herbs to repel mosquitoes

The use of herbs gives us solutions to many kinds of problems, including getting rid of mosquitoes. Basil leaves are excellent for repelling mosquitoes.

Place basil leaves on windows and entrances to the house and also on the balcony so that mosquitoes will not enter the house from outside.

Similarly, mint is a very fragrant plant whose fragrance spreads rapidly in the air.

Put green or dried mint leaves in paper bags like tea bags and hang them on windows and entrances so that mosquitoes will not come.

In addition, lavender is a fragrant plant that has the ability to repel mosquitoes. If it is placed in different parts of the house, it will act as an air freshener, and its main feature is that it will repel mosquitoes when they leave. Will also force.

Anti-mosquito lotion

There are many anti-mosquito lotions available in the market, their use will protect you from mosquitoes and there will be no risk of dengue or malaria.

Hand or stunt rackets

Coils are commonly used in every home to repel or kill mosquitoes, but nowadays there are also hand or stunt rackets available in the market which have a slight current in the wires which can be used by mosquitoes as soon as they collide. Die, their use can also save you from mosquitoes.

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